CRAVE: a curated collection of shops and businesses brought to you by exceptional women entrepreneurs.

In the journey of starting a business I have met a lot of amazing woman entrepreneurs who all share the goal of making the world a better and happier place and hopefully making money at the same time. On this journey, I was asked to be apart of a book called Crave that is known globally for its brand and was launching a Orange County edition. At first, I just thought how cool is it that I will be in a book?! But, on this journey I’ve been amazed at the empowering women that are part of this Crave tribe. Every single woman in this book have started their own business, made mistakes, thrived from them, and now have started careers and businesses to make YOUR life better in some way. How awesome is that?! If you are interested in purchasing a book or becoming a part of this tribe please contact me or visit The Crave Company.

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